Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Stage Door (1937)

IMDb Synopsis: A boardinghouse full of aspiring actresses and their ambitions, dreams and disappointments.

"The cala lilies are in bloom again"

I honestly have no idea how to start this review. I can, however, say I loved this film.

I was quite surprised to find a Katharine Hepburn performance from the 1930s that I enjoyed. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy Little Women and Bringing Up Baby, but I've never cared for her acting until I saw her films from the fifties and sixties when I feel her performances were much stronger and more mature. But in Stage Door, her acting is superb and she brings a lot of depth to Terri Randall's character.

The whole cast is amazing. Besides Hepburn, I think the best performance is from Andrea Leeds as Kay Hamilton, who received an  Best Supporting Actress Academy Award nomination for her work. I also really enjoyed Ginger Rogers, who I've been giving more of a chance lately, and a great Lucille Ball in her early comedy days.

Overall, Stage Door is a wonderfully made film from director Gregory La Cava. Definitely recommending to any classic film fans.

5/5 stars

Academy Awards, 1938:
Best Picture Nominee
Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Andrea Leeds
Best Director Nominee, Gregory La Cava
Best Writing, Screenplay Nominee

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  1. I love this film! The banter between Ginger and Katharine is great. And I love seeing Eve Arden and Lucille Ball in these early roles.