Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: How to Marry a Millionaire (1953).

  IMDb Synopsis: Three women set out to find eligible millionaires to marry, but find true love in the process.

I'll be the first to admit that I am NOT a Marilyn Monroe fan by any means. However, Lauren Bacall will always be the queen of my heart, so I had high expectations for this film. Thankfully, my expectations were met.

This movie is just genuinely funny. As I just mentioned, I don't like Monroe at all, but she, Bacall, and Betty Grable all give delightful and witty performances. Bacall does particularly well with William Powell and Cameron Mitchell (including one comedic scene referencing Bacall's real-life husband, Humphrey Bogart).

The color cinematography in Millionaire is nearly flawless, which is no surprise considering it was filmed in Cinemascope.Jean Negulesco's directing is also great, as he was famous for making other visual blockbusters, such as 1953's Titanic.

Overall, How to Marry a Millionaire is a delightful comedy that I would recommend to anyone. Even non-Monroe fans, such as myself, should give it a viewing.

4/5 stars


  1. Oh, I've been meaning to see this. It sounds like a fun film. I love Lauren's dress in that last photo!

  2. I love this fim, it is one of my favorites! I am also not a Marilyn Monroe fan, and Lauren Bacall is my absolute fave. Good review!

  3. I have to re-watch this one. Thanks for reminder.