Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Dead Reckoning (1947)

IMDb Synopsis: A soldier runs away rather than receive the Medal of Honor, so his buddy gets permission to investigate, and love and death soon follow.

If you're a classic film fan, you most likely are already aware that Humphrey Bogart made a lot of film noirs. This is one of the few I hadn't seen. I don't think it's as great as some of Bogart's other films, but it's most definitely worth checking out.

As far as performances go, Bogie is still witty and clever, as he always is (and he continues to make fedoras look great). Lizabeth Scott, while not as remarkable as actresses like Lauren Bacall and Gloria Grahame, is still very promising as the femme fatale. I'd also recommend watching her in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers costarring Barbara Stanwyck and Kirk Douglas.

Again, I don't think Dead Reckoning is as great a masterpiece as The Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep, but I did find it to be a very entertaining film noir that's worth a viewing.

4/5 stars 

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