Monday, October 3, 2011

Decades Meme: 1940's

Continuing with the second installment in which I pick my favorite film from every year of a particular decade. (View 1930's post here).

 1940: The Grapes of Wrath

1941: The Maltese Falcon

1942: Casablanca

1943: The More the Merrier

1944: To Have and Have Not

1945: Brief Encounter

1946: Notorious

1947: Out of the Past

1948: The Red Shoes

1949: Adam's Rib


  1. I love this series! All great picks and so glad you included "The More the Merrier." One of my favorites and also how I have been feeling today haha

  2. Great list. All ten great films (two of which I concur on their no. 1 status - most I would still include in my top tens for these years). Red Shoes (OF COURSE) is the greatest film ever made, so glad to see that in there.

    My personal choices are:
    1940-Philadelphia Story
    1941-Citizen Kane
    1943-Life & Death of Colonel Blimp
    1944-Meet Me in St. Louis
    1945-Leave Her to Heaven
    1946-The Big Sleep
    1947-Black Narcissus
    1948-The Red Shoes
    1949-The Third Man

    I guess I like Powell/Pressburger, huh?

    Again, very fine list. Cannot wait to see the 1950's (aka, my favourite decade in cinema).