Monday, August 1, 2011

Ida Lupino & Humphrey Bogart- For the Ida Lupino Blogathon

My entry for the Ida Lupino blogathon, hosted by Jen to remember Ida seventeen years after her death on August 3, 1995.

My favorite film of Ida's would have to be High Sierra (1941). The film was directed by Raoul Walsh and co-stars my favorite actor of all time, Humphrey Bogart, in the role that made him a star. I considered just discussing the film itself, but I instead decided to write about a topic that has interested me for some time: the much-speculated relationship between Ida and Bogie. As you may have already noticed, several websites and biographies state that they strongly disliked one another, while a majority of them also say they were good friends throughout filming. 

Bogie first co-starred with Ida in They Drive By Night (1940), also directed by Walsh. (I'll admit that I have yet to watch this film, but I've heard Ida's performance is wonderful.) I wasn't able to find her exact quotes, but I have read statements from Ida that they didn't get to know each other well and she was thrilled when he was cast opposite her in High Sierra, which strongly supports the theory that they got along.

Also supporting this theory is information found on Bogie's Wikipedia page about the filming of High Sierra, saying:

"Bogart worked well with Ida Lupino, and her relationship with him was a close one, provoking jealousy from Bogart's wife Mayo."-

There are quite a few statements/articles however that say the opposite about Bogie and Ida's relationship:

"Never a team player, Lupino had quarrelled with Humphrey Bogart during the production of High Sierra, and vowed after the film’s completion that she would never work with the actor again."

"When Ida Lupino found herself unable to cry during the film's final scene, co-star Humphrey Bogart coaxed her into it by telling her, "Listen, doll, if you can't cry, I'm going to take the picture away from you." Despite this, Lupino disliked Bogart's verbal treatment of her, and refused to accept another co-starring role with him in Out of the Fog." -

From a certain point of view, I suppose it could be seen that Ida and Bogie disliked each other since they never made another film together and she didn't want to co-star with him in Out of the Fog (1941). I would like to point out, though, that they did collaborate again in 1944 to perform High Sierra for the Screen Guild Theater's Live Radio Programme, which is available here.

What do I think about the rumor's surrounding Ida Lupino and Humphrey Bogart? Well, being a huge fan of both, I like to believe they were friends despite several arguing reports.

Either way, High Sierra is a wonderful film that I feel every classic film fan should see, and it's a great way to remember Ida on the sixteenth anniversary of her death.

I would also like to thank Jen for hosting this great blogathon. It was a lot of fun, and I hope there are more to come!


  1. This was such a great topic! Ida and Bogie are two of my favorite actors as well, and I hope the rumors that they didn't get along well aren't true. Ida said that they were a lot a like, personality-wise, which caught both of them off-guard, but they later became good friends. I've also read that Ida and Bogie attended the same party in the late 40s and that Ida and Lauren Bacall crashed Bogie's baby shower or something. So...I think they were friends. :)

    I loved reading your post! Thanks so much for participating in the blogathon! :D

  2. Bogie is probably my favorite actor as well, so High Sierra has always been held in high regard because Ida matches him step for step, performance-wise. They have a really nice chemistry, and what I enjoy best about Lupino is that she's able to project vulnerability into a character who's nevertheless been up and down the block more than a few times.

    They Drive by Night sort of relegates Bogie to second banana status behind the predictably uncharismatic George Raft--but if you're looking for a really first-rate Ida turn, this is the movie to see. The scene where she wigs out in court is one of my all-time faves.

  3. Interesting post. Ida's closeup at the end is really amazing. Her face shows a mixture of grief, sadness, and joy all at the same time; it's really a remarkable performance.

  4. Oh you must see They Drive By Night righ away! Ida is amazing in that. This is a great topic. From what I've heard, Lupino and Bogart didn't see eye-to-eye at first, but did eventually warm up to each other.

  5. Ida was a much better actor than Bogart. I know the guys don't think so, but Ida has to emote constantly in this film, while Bogart takes turns clenching his teeth and pistol-whipping people.